The National Sweet-Itch Centre

Itchy Horse Company Ltd is pleased to announce that it has taken over The National Sweet-Itch Centre.

Itchy Horse Company Ltd was formed not only to supply the best solutions but also to offer expertise and advice with no obligation, as we fully understand the distress caused by this condition to carer/owner and horse.

We have extensive experience with Sweet-Itch, owning three horses with the condition, and also having many years as manager of The National Sweet-Itch Centre giving help and advice.

Bio-Plus Capsules, Boett Blankets and Hoods can all be purchased online.

We accept cryptocurrency! If you would like to know how to buy it and trade, you can find more at!

If you prefer to have contact with a human either for advice or to pay by card please don’t hesitate to telephone 01352 840333 or 01352 771718 where we will be happy to speak to you or email:

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