BIOPLUS Capsules For Horses, Dogs and Cats

After many years of dedicated scientific study into the operation of the immune system the scientific consultants from BioEos have successfully identified and produced a range of bio-proteins derived from cultures of selected bacteria of the aerobic genera Actinomycetales.

Bioplus for Horses, and now Dogs and Cats is an innovative scientific formulation from BioEos to support your animals natural immune system.
Approved for animal use under EU Regulation EC-767/2009

There are many scientific studies confirming the beneficial effects of immuno-therapeutic preparations. Typically, these include improvements in general health, reduced stress, stronger immune systems and resistance to disease.

BioPlus for EquineBio-Plus Capsules

Product contains:
68mg of beta-glucan 1,3-1,6 FEFAC code EN-05227
2mg of bio-protein Tsukamurella inchonensis FEFAC code EN-01462/3
270mg disaccharide excipient and <0.45mg of sipernat as a flowing agent.
Capsule shell; gelatin derived from non-animal sources.

BioPlus for Dogs and Cats

Product contains:
68mg of beta-glucan 1.3-1.6 FEFAC code EN-05227
1mg of bio-protein Gordonia bronchialis FEFAC code EN-10-09 0063
270mg disaccharide excipient and <0.45 mg of Sipernat as a flowing agent
Capsule shell: gelatin derived from non-animal sources.

Produced and distributed in the UK by BioEos Limited
Best before; date and batch number; as shown on the capsule foils.
Keep stored in a fridge. Give one capsule weekly mixed in the normal feed.


Bio-Plus capsules contain a bio-protein listed under EU Regulations (EC) 767/2009,  FEFAC Product code EN-01462/3.  Composition, 2mg of bacterial protein derived from the fermentation of  heat killed cells of the actinomycetales species Tsukamurella inchonensis; mean crude protein 70%. Carrier excipients; trehalose sugar 80%,  potato starch 20% & Sipernat less than 0.05%.  Capsule shell; gelatin derived from non-animal sources.

Intellectual Property

Bio-Plus is Patent protected in the EU, the USA and most other major jurisdictions in Europe and the Far East.  Any abuse of these Patents by way of unauthorised passing-off or the production or marketing of parallel products or products having a composition of a like nature is prohibited.

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