Dear Alison,
Just to let you know that I am absolutely over the moon with the Boett Blanket I got from you for my horse Roxanne! She has always suffered with flys etc but even more so when I moved up to the Highlands. this year is the worst I have ever known for midges because of the wet winter last year and the poor girl was in a terrible state, and her belly the worst. She destroyed the last rug in 2 days. With the boett she just stood there like lamb. I cannot believe the difference in her she is calmer and the boett has stayed in place no trouble. I have started her on the capsules as well and I havent even had to put any spray near her at all. As I intend to stay in the highlands all I can say is that the boett is always going to be a wonderful investment. I would also like to thank you very much for all your help and advice and for your patience when
I was measuring Roxanne!Thanks again you have been a Godsend. – Zita Speight


Hello Alison

I am happy to be able to tell you that Tiggy has made a complete recovery, and is enjoying his summer days. He is half way through his BioPlus course; one particular improvement is a 90% reduction in continuous runny eyes. His looks as though he feels good, head up and moving around his grazing area with Mocha, and curiously looking through the fence at new neighbours.
He is also very relaxed in his Boett, enjoying life again!! – Valerie


The capsules arrived yesterday safe and sound, DD had his first one last night so we are on our way.I am absolutely gobsmacked by the effect of the Boett,he has not rubbed at all,I had a couple of lessons Monday and Tuesday ,I arrived hugely early for both as he was so calm and easy to get ready to travel it took half the time.I feel like cracking the champers for him,what a relief it must be.

Thanks again,will let you know how the capsules go.

Warm Regards Jane, New Zealand


We bought the capsules for Misty and today she looks amazing.  She has rubbed a bit but has no sores or wounds.  She has not had a rug on all year, the fields are fed by two steams, we are near a marsh and the vegetation is quite dense.  Midge country !!  From E:O.


Every year my mum gave me the money to buy him a new Boett and this is how you first learnt of his problems and suggested maybe try capsules for his overactive immune system- known to Duncan as his Sunday Pill !… Duncan has had no ulcerated legs since his very first Sunday pill. From A:P.


I purchased Cotebrook Ben Lomond (Lomond) in 2011 as a shire yearling, each summer he has suffered from sweet itch causing him to rub his poll and neck against any available object, low lying branches, stable door frame etc.

I tried numerous lotions and potions, rugs with attached and detachable neck pieces, all to no avail. Lomond continued to rub himself sore to such and extent that it was too painful to wear a head-collar or bridle. And he was becoming head shy.

Having seen Boett rugs my main concern was having to slide the rug over his head and eyes, however due to all other remedies having failed I bit the bullet and purchased my first Boett rug in early 2015. Putting the rug on proved to be no problem ,even at 19.3hands, just a bit of training to get him to lower his head, which he now does without asking.

Since buying this rug Lomond has not suffered from sweet itch and is a much happier horse, not to mention his owner.

In 2016 Lomond outgrew the largest available rug, since this date Itchy Horse have made me two larger bespoke rugs, at little additional cost.

I would also like to add how helpful Itchy Horse have been, nothing has been to much trouble.

Cannot thank Alison at Itchy-Horse enough and would recommend their products to anyone.

From: Brigitte Johnson-Mooney


Another Happy Customer in Australia

Hi, I thought I’ll write to you about my Boett rug since I live in Australia and I wasn’t sure if the rug was ok to use in our climate. I can assure you it is, my horse doesn’t sweat in it at all, yet in a cotton combo after a hot day I would find a sweat marks on her.
Second of all, it did help with her itching…there is nooooo itching at all. We have a mane, tail and a comfortable horse that I can ride. Last few years prior to buying the Boett rug, she would rub so much all over her body that I wasn’t able to ride her for 2-3 months due to her sores (withers, spine area and forehead plus many more places and yes I have tried vets, injections, potions, herbs, washing her every day, pastes and ointments)she would rub it to the blood and raw meat.
This year I haven’t seen ANY rubbing. YAY! She is so much more comfortable and quieter in everyday life.
Another thing, she is skittish mare so putting rugs and hoods over her head wasn’t something she was ok with but after 2 weeks and maybe 4 times putting it on and taking it off, she is completely fine with that. Now she actually lowers her head and waits for me to put the rug and hood on. I would never have believed it, if I didn’t experience it first hand.
I have been using the rug for 5 months now, the rug hasn’t changed the shape or colour, it still looks like new and fits like new(except for the belly part, some stains there)
Next season I want to buy another one just to make it easier for me when it comes to washing it, as I don’t want to leave my horse not rugged in Boett over night.
Just want to say, you guys have done great job with research and delivered the great product that actually works. It’s worth every cent I paid for it and it isn’t cheap in Australian dollars.
I loved the instructions on how to measure the horse to find a perfect fit for the horse and the detailed help I got via emails, even asking about picks of my horse. It did help and yes I did get the right size, first go lol.
Thank you and keep up the good work

Izabela, Australia


Hi Alison I think the time has come to thank you for all the help, advice and support you’ve given me over the past 5 years, and to show you some pics of my fell pony who began to suffer with sweet itch at the age of two, and now looks and behaves as if he has no problems – he is now 7!

Flash`s sweet itch became extreme, both for him and for me. We started him on Boett rugs which significantly helped the situation, but he was so badly affected that he would rub himself on the floor to try and ease the irritation – he had nothing else to scratch on since he was turned out at pasture and electric fenced – but scratch he must!
His irritation was so severe that on entering the field he would run backwards at me with tail twisted in an attempt to relieve his itching on me – not a pleasant experience!. He also became aggressive and once whilst being led attempted to run at a child and do goodness knows what if I hadn’t been able to keep a tight hold of him whilst he reared and bucked in temper. He was extremely difficult to ride not being able to take a bit in his mouth without irritation so I rode him either bitless or in a happy mouth to ease this, but his mind was still not on the job. He could not be stabled and could not travel, so it was all becoming pretty futile.

It was at this point that you introduced me to BioEos capsules. From that day on I have used them 365 days a year – I think he`s been on them for 2 yrs now.

Now he is brilliant!!! His nature has changed completely and I can manage him as if he had no problems. He can be stabled, travelled ( we travel all over now) and ridden – with his mind on me NOT on the itching. So thank you with all my heart for the time you spent on us since other professionals had advised he should be euthanised. You truly were our Samaritan!

Colette R